‌Departmental Chair

Maria Galli Stampino

Senior Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs and College Diversity
Interim chair of Sociology

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Olena Antonaccio

Assoc. Professor
Director of Criminology and Criminal Justice MS/Certificate Program

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Olena Antonaccio (Principal Investigator, University of Miami) with Saman Zonouz (Principal Investigator, Rutgers University), Manohar Murthi (Co-Principal Investigator, University of Miami), Kamal Premaratne (Co-Principal Investigator, University of Miami). 2013-2015. “Cybercrime Susceptibility in the Sociotechnical System:...

Linda Liska Belgrave

Assoc. Professor

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Jomills Henry Braddock, II


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Marvin Phillip Dawkins


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Editorial Board, Journal of Race and Policy, 2004 -  Faculty Advisor, FEF Interdisciplinary Research Journal, 2002 -  Editorial Board, Negro Education Review, 1996 - 

Roger G. Dunham


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Robert J Johnson


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John W Murphy


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Amie L Nielsen

Assoc. Professor

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Kathryn M Nowotny, Ph.D.

Asst. Professor

Alejandro Portes

Research Professor

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Google Scholar   EDITORIAL BOARDS Actes De La Recherche En Sciences Sociales (2004 - ) International Migration Review (2001 - ) Global Networks (2000 - ) Revista Mexicana De Sociologia (1999 - ) Ethnic and Racial Studies (1995 - )

Margarita Rodriguez


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Margarita Rodriguez, Ph.D. is Lecturer at the Department of Sociology and Research Fellow at the Institute for Advanced Study of the Americas, University of Miami. Her extensive teaching portfolio includes a wide range of graduate and undergraduate courses. She has taught Introduction to Sociology; International Migration; International...

Jan Sokol-Katz

Senior Lecturer
Director of Undergraduate Studies
Faculty Advisor

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Ellen S. Venzer


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George Wilson


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Co-Editor Social Currents, 2018-2021  Deputy Editor, Social Currents, 2015 - present Editorial Board, Research in the Sociology of Work, 2015 - present Editorial Board, Sage Open Review, 2015 - present

Secondary Appointments

Julio Frenk

Interim CEO, University of Miami Health System

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A fourth-generation physician whose paternal grandparents fled Germany in the early 1930s to build a new life in Mexico, Julio Frenk catalyzed his deep gratitude for the kindness of strangers into a lifelong mission to improve the health, education, and well-being of people around the world. Dr. Frenk became the sixth...

Bryan Page


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Dr. Page specializes in studying the consumption of drugs in urban, street based settings. His 42-year career in the anthropology of drug use has focused on the consequences and impacts of various patterns of legal and illegal drug use in a wide variety of cultural settings. Among his funded projects supported by the National Institute on Drug...

Robert E. Rosen


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