About the Program

Undergraduate Degrees:

The Department of Sociology offers a B.A. degree in Sociology or Criminology and a combined major or a minor in either area. Our undergraduate program provides students with broad exposure to traditional and contemporary material in each field and prepares the student for a variety of job opportunities or graduate education. Opportunities to gain “hands-on” experience are available, such as working on research supervised by a faculty member and connecting the student to internship opportunities in the greater Miami area. Many of our undergraduate majors are active members of the Sociology honor society, Alpha Kappa Delta, and the Criminal Justice honor society, Alpha Phi Sigma. The Sociology and Criminology club offers majors and minors an academic community to share common interests and engage in related activities. A list of course descriptions and requirements is available through the website’s pages under “Undergraduate Program.” For additional information about the undergraduate program in Sociology or Criminology, contact our Director of Undergraduate Studies, Dr. Jan Sokol-Katz, Ph.D., at jsokol@miami.edu.

Graduate Training:

The department also offers a Doctorate of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degree in Sociology.  Our Ph.D. graduates pursue various professional opportunities, including academic research and teaching jobs, post-doctorate appointments in government organizations, program director positions for research programs and community-based organizations, and leadership roles within the non-profit sector. For prospective graduate students, information about applying to the program, funding opportunities, and program requirements is available on the website’s pages under “Graduate Programs.” For additional information, contact our Chair of the Graduate Program, Dr. Amie Nielsen, Ph.D., at nielsen@miami.edu.