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Our commitment to excellence in research, teaching, and service is demonstrated through the works of the faculty, staff, and graduate students. Faculty and students engage in compelling and rigorous research that spans a broad scope of sociological interests and subspecialties. Our department is best known for its contributions and training in the areas of: Criminology; Medical Sociology; and Race, Ethnic, and Immigration Studies. The faculty and students publish their research in top tier academic journals‌ as well as present their work at both national and international academic conferences.

The department’s commitment to service is evident through a variety of faculty and student activities including community outreach, service learning, editorships, and committee memberships. 

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Professor Petersen

Professor Nick Petersen developed an original database of progressive prosecutors in the 100 largest counties, using difference-in-differences regressions to examine the causal effect of progressive prosecutors on crime rates. Results showed that progressive prosecutors led to a slight increase in property/total crime rates but did not significantly affect violent crime rates.

Professor Petersen
Professor Truong Vu

Dr. Truong-Vu's study uses restricted data from the 2011–2018 National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) to disaggregate non-Latinx (NL) Southeast Asian Americans and compare this population’s age-specific probabilities of initiating HPV vaccinations to two Asian American subgroups (NL-East Asian and NL-South Asian Americans) and three racial/ethnic groups (NL-White, NL-Black, and Latinx Americans). 

Professor Truong Vu