Course Offerings

Sociology and Criminology Graduate Course Offerings 

FALL 2019




601 G

Classical Sociological Theory

M 2:30-5:00

Dr. John Murphy 

609 T

Social Statistics 

T 6:00-8:30 

Dr. Nick Petersen 

610 2J

Advanced Research Methods

W 6:00-8:30

Dr. Amie Nielsen 

612 R

Social Statistics II 

T 2:00-4:30

Dr. Amie Nielsen 

616 P

Sociology Perspective

T 11:00-1:30

Dr. Linda Belgrave

632 R

Social Psychology of Health and Illness

TR 2:00-4:30 

Dr. Robert Johnson

652 DE

Theories of Race and Ethnic Relations

W 11:15-1:45

Dr. Marvin Dawkins

672 D

Research in Crime and Delinquency

M 11:15-2:00

Dr. Amie Nielsen

673 T

The Criminal Justice System 

TR 6:00-8:30

Dr. Nick Petersen